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As part of our European EV transformation, we're partnering with industry leaders to transform the iconic DeLorean into an electric vehicle. This groundbreaking project highlights the future of modular car manufacturing, with integrated software for diverse uses.

The E-Lorean Project unites startups, corporates, and individuals to create a future vehicle platform.  As an open-source project, the E-Lorean not only explores future mobility but also honors the classic DeLorean.

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The Drivery Innovation Program

Partners in the
E-Lorean Project

In the E-Lorean Project, enthusiasts are transforming the iconic DeLorean into an automated electric vehicle. The Maker Garages, equipped with necessary infrastructure, offer an ideal workspace for this endeavor. Partners can showcase their innovations, with Staex co-leading the project and providing crucial support in partner and project management.

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The E-Lorean Project Kick-Off Video


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