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The Drivery is your startups’ gateway to success, offering a synergetic ecosystem and flexible workspace for mobility visionaries. Connect with industry-leading corporate partners, scale globally and boost your company valuation. We help you to transform groundbreaking ideas into sustainable businesses.

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A High Performance Community

At The Drivery, you're not alone on your journey. Join our vibrant ecosystem of like-minded entrepreneurs, innovators, industry experts, investors and corporate leaders. This collaborative spirit fosters trust, knowledge sharing, and networking opportunities that are invaluable to your startup's growth.

The Drivery Community Space
The Drivery Community Workspace
State-of-the-Art Workspaces

Your Launchpad to Success

The Drivery provides a thriving environment designed for mobility innovation. Our cutting-edge facilities are tailored to your needs from early ideation to industrialization, fostering creativity and collaboration. It's not just where you work – it's where you grow!

  • Flex Desks, Private Studios & Hardware Garage
  • Spacious innovation hub on 12.000sqm
  • Mobility Community & Industry Events
The Drivery Inception
The Drivery Flexible Desks
The Drivery Maker Garage
Expand Your Network

Find Your Tribe at Top Mobility Events

Immerse yourself in The Drivery's vibrant mobility community, where collaboration drives success. Engage in community events and deep-dive workshops, and seize opportunities to pitch to industry leaders and investors. It's not just a marketplace: it's a thriving ecosystem shaping the future of mobility!

Space and infrastructure

Utilise our hardtech infrastructure, GPU units and workspaces to scale fast.

Global Network

Network with other top-tier mobility startups and establish long-term corporate partnerships.

PoC program & funding

Collaborate with corporations in our innovation program to align your value proposition, test your PoC and attract funding.

“The Drivery is more than a workspace for us, it's a platform filled with opportunities that help us on our journey to solve transportation in metropolitan areas. ”

Thomas von der Ohe
Thomas von der Ohe
Founder & CEO
Vay The Drivery
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Celebrating Success, Together

Case Studies

Since the founding of The Drivery in 2018, we’ve witnessed 300+ mobility startups thrive  in our dynamic ecosystem. We’ve supported unicorns like Tier Mobility and Volta Charging, setting a precedent for unparalleled innovation and growth.

  • Connectivity

  • Autonomous Vehicles

  • Aerospace


Connected Vehicles revolutionize transport with seamless communication, enhancing safety, efficiency, and the driving experience.

Autonomous Vehicles (AVs)

Autonomous Vehicles promising safer, efficient, and hands-free travel experiences for tomorrow's roads.


Urban Air Mobility (UAM) introduces airborne solutions, transcending traditional boundaries for seamless, futuristic city transport.

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